Not guaranteed to look delicious, always

It’s funny how things go around, to come around back to square one.

One Little Twit, used to be One Little Twit at a different place and at a different time and has been blogging under various pseudonyms since June 2001.

She has simple pleasures.

She reads but can never read enough. She writes but only when the mood is right. She is often tickled pink by the smallest, weirdest thing. Her wanderlust tendency is strong but is controlled by financial incapability. She wants to work as a waitress, wearing a checkered apron, unruly hair tucked neatly in a little bonnet in a cosy side cafe, serving coffee, bagels and macaroons to the early birds in the streets of Paris. She envisions herself scourging flea markets for thrifty finds, visiting musky old bookstores and daydreaming in a train that huffs and puffs and toots away. She stealthily divests her mother of vintage bags she can get her hands on.

This weblog is the window to her soul and in it, you can find musings of diverse subjects, captures of everything possible within human capacity in an imaginative manner. It speaks of a forgotten dream to ingest journalism in its most fundamental and heartfelt format.

She also desires to own a bright red trenchcoat of felt material.


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