A Traveller’s Start To Anywhere

I am about to be on the road and that I say even though in reality, it’s months down the road.

Four and a half months away to be precise.

I’ve always wondered how it feels like to actually be in countries that appear like mirage in my slumber. Like magic I suppose, with a mingling sense of disbelief and a hungry soul to drink in the air, the culture, the diversity from another part of the world. To be awed by the adventure, to compromise with my fellow travellers and to experience what the authors wrote in the books I read and re-read.

I like the term ‘to live vicariously through the experience of others’ – giving myself room for envying another person’s life I cannot envisage myself to be in. Why, you may ask. You are young, you only live once and these are the same words I hear, repetitive things I read again and again but let it be known that a person is not limited by only his sense of courage to brave a new environment, his resourcefulness to seek the perfect lifestyle he dreams of but he is also bonded by the sense of responsibility and the intertwining human ties that made it difficult to pursue one’s heart desire.

This newly included category will document the roads travelled to embark on the highway called Poignancy. Because I’ve been there and done that, let it be known that Poignancy will lead me to my destination – Happiness, nestled deep and close to my Heart.

Let the travelogue begin.

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