The Green Dress

It hid shyly behind the other wooly, sequinned forms of its kind, ashamed of its brightness, feeling slightly vulgar and out of place. With the fact that Christmas is now officially over and moving onto the New Year, it felt even more conspicuous amidst the blacks and grays.

“Why couldn’t I be a shiny shade of black or a sophisticated colour of gray?” it thought miserably, wedging further into the racks, hoping that no one would disturb its hiding place. Sinking deeper into its own thoughts of self-pity, it hardly noticed a girl yanking it out into the spotlight. Caught in surprise and being in the dark for too long, it suddenly became dizzy and the world started spinning out of control while the girl whooped in delight, running her hands over its corseted spine, sending delicious shivers into the folds of its being.

Before it could say “Hallelujah!”, the girl clutched it tightly into an embrace and headed for the fitting room. Here it heard her whisper “Please, let me fit. Let me be able to have the choice to buy or not buy you.” For the first time, it looked earnestly at the girl. She has a mass of black hair down her back and the longest lashes ever seen, casting a fringe of shadow over her pleading eyes. It also noticed that the girl is rather plump in shape and would not fit the other svelte versions of its kind. It liked how the girl enfolds it in warmth. It liked how the girl looks at it in admiration. To a dress who felt inferior for a long time, it felt accepted for the first time.

When the girl tried to stretch into its fabric, it did its best to accomodate her but it turned out to be rather futile. The girl slid easily into it and stared at the mirror for a long time. Breaking into smiles, the girl started twirling round and round in the little enclosed space and when she finally stopped, she looked into the mirror at the green dress again.

“You are perfect.”

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  1. D W said:

    *thumbs up*

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