20th December

Gtan, she obviously cannot estimate for a 13 person proportion. She bought enough food for another round of party and the round she cooked for us on Saturday was more to feed an active 26 than than the odd, impecunious number of 13. I’ll engage her as my caterer for a void deck wedding, I told her in cheek. I’ll pay for a hundred pax and get two hundred pax worth of delicacies, I surmise. It all makes good financial sense.

But it must be known that I appreciate all her efforts to whip up a homemade feast for us. She planned way ahead in advance, she was worried about her housewifely attempts, she fussed, she nagged and she tried to make it perfect. I enjoyed the ham and cheese croquettes and her fried chicken wings. Since there were more than enough food to go round, she packed everything in plastic bags and fostered it off us to take them home. I had them for lunch and dinner on Sunday too. And for those lonely men who did not have their families in Singapore to celebrate the Winter Solstice (冬至) with, we gave them double portions so that they can have a share of family warmth (we know in reality we needed people to bring back everything!).

Caterer Tan's Creations

I have not watched a movie in ages and I know it sounds incredulous that with my taste for independent, foreign and strange movies, I chose Twilight, a novel-turned-movie by Stephenie Meyer. It bored Mouse to sleep but I was deeply and wildly infatuated by Robert Pattinson, whose fair and vampirish looks stirred the deepest desires and his eyes, oh his eyes, held me spellbound. Which vampire when coming into contact with Sunlight has his trim bodice turned into a mass of glittery specks and so beautiful that it hurts to watch him?

He did.

Robert Pattinson


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