Not for anyone else, maybe for you

And I attended this graduation party for people who took up a program aimed at changing something in their lives. It was like intensively reading “Chicken Soup for the Soul” in 3 hours. These people are obviously looking for something, in need of something and want to do something about it.

I was touched yet unaffected. It’s obvious the program brought a change to their lives. They found the courage to believe and the tenacity to do things. It may not necessarily be a grand scheme of things. It could be something as simple as learning to improve family relationships and in the case of another girl, seeking to break free from a marriage that no longer had any worth in retaining. It involves discipline and structured actions on how to achieve it in a matter of 7 weeks. I was touched because most of the attendees were depressed and inferior to begin with and through the program, they found a network of supportive individuals who render them the assistance they need. I don’t know if you believe this but if you rally yourself in a group of highly motivated individuals, the positive energy has a way of rubbing itself onto you and you find yourself doing what the Romans do. I was unaffected because I just know that I can do whatever I want if only I set my heart to it and I am not about to pay a good sum of money to learn what my capabilities can realize me and garner a cheerleading team.

But seeing the change it brought to my two friends, I had nothing but gratitude that their lives are not made the same. If that is what it takes, it is what it is.


DW, you know I totally meant to keep my promise about buying your book when it comes out next year.


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